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Book: We are wanderful

Martin Margiela, Raf Simons, Marina Yee, Studio Job, Michaël Verheyden, Bram Boo, Piet Stockmans, Casimir … Each one a famous name. Limburg designers of world renown. Cultuurplatform Design (Province of Limburg) presents a sample of exceptional Limburg design from the last 25 years with the book, We are wanderful

Limburg design has caused a furore over the last quarter of a century and its influence is fascinating to see. For instance, fashion designer Raf Simons‘ impact on the international fashion world; the world-renowned oeuvre of ceramicist Piet Stockmans; the aesthetic brilliance of Michaël Verheyden; the sublime power of Bram Boo and Casimir in hand-crafted design; or the commercial efficacy of Studio Segers. 

Cultuurplatform Design and a group of experts surveyed the recent past with the question of which Limburg designs and designers have influenced the design landscape. That was the initial question. Dieter Rams’ 10 principles of ‘good design’ were used as a guideline to select designers instead of just listing names, realisations and creations. A deliberate choice was made for a limited period: 25 years. The exercise began soon after the closure of the last Limburg mine; no unimportant element in the creative history of the region.

10 chapters - 10 images by photographer Kristof Vrancken

All pictures © Kristof Vrancken

01 SOIL - Iguana by Ivo Nysten (Jaga)
02 LESS - Fietsroutenetwerk by Hugo Bollen 
03 ROOTS - Corpo by Raf Simons 
04 UNIQUE - Natal Chairs by Wim Segers + Gypsy Things by Bram Boo 
05 INTEGRITY - Illumination by Ick Reuvis 
06 MOMENTUM - Schaal n°1 by Casimir 
07 TECHNOLOGY - C-Bench by Peter Donders 
08 AESTETHIC - Tube Table by Michaël Verheyden 
09 SOCIETY - Mobile School by Arnoud Raskin 
10 FUTURE - Prøx by Giovanni Martens 

Atelier x Factory

All pictures © Iris Van Der Heijden

01 Kaspar Hamacher
02 Il Granito 

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Installation in Milan

All pictures © Federica Sarra​ and Karen Oetling Corvera​

Atelier Clerici
Via Clerici, 5 - Milano 
4 - 11 april 2017 


All pictures © Ilse Jooken

When design turns invisible

All pictures © Isabelle Dierckx

01 Curve-O by Ludovic Beckers 
02 Sonja cup by Piet Stockmans 
03 Fietsroutenetwerk by Hugo Bollen
04 Neo Cookware saucepan by Frederik Aerts 

What's mine: Fashion Shoot

All pictures © Marleen Daniëls
Styling: Linda Van Waesberge 
Location: C-mine, Genk 

01 Marina Yee wearing: robe and dress Marina Yee, boots Maison Margiela 
02 Mauro Pawlowski wearing: jacket Maison Margiela, trousers Dirk Bikkembergs 
03 Jacket - Marina Yee 
04 Boots - Raf Simons 
05 Collier - kuppers&wuytens 
06 Necklaces - kuppers&wuytens 


Peculiar part of me

All pictures © Pieterjan Luyten

01 Bootleg - Ick Reuvis
02 Lungo for Serax - Davy Grosemans
03 Milkmaid - Davy Grosemans
04 James - Linde Hermans
05 Groot Bereik Ladder - Roel Vandebeek
06 Mikachu - Johan Bruninx

Sisters and brothers from a different family

All pictures © Liesje Reyskens
Styling: Maison Caro 

01 Ron sauce pan (BergHOFF) - Pieter Roex, The Siblings (PER/USE) - Frederik Delbart, Chef's Knife (BergHOFF) - Pieter Roex 
02 Black Snow - David Huycke, BULLS EYE (ZOINK) - Steven Brouns, CRANE (tossB) - Alain Monnens
03 NA (Leica) - Stan Maes, Wallet (BKRK) - kuppers&wuytens, 1025 (Thonet) - James Van Vossel
04 Black skirt (collection fall 2016) - JBC, Terra (Tribù) - Bram Bollen, NO SPOON (BKRK) - Stijn Schauwers, OLIVER (Durlet) - Alain Monnens
05 Stella - kuppers&wuytens, SEAT (Jongform) - Stijn Geeraerts

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